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31 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2

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Here is Day 2 of my 31 Day Writing Challenge. Today, actually was not too bad. Had a lot of computer work to do for both jobs. Tomorrow, however, may be a beast of a different breed.

10 likes and dislikes

Likes (in no particular order of importance)

  1. Mint (peppermint, wintermint, etc.)
  2. Caffeinated Beverages (Pepsi, Coffee, Tea…)
  3. Seafood (especially shrimp)
  4. Video Games
  5. Researching (nerdy stuff)
  6. Animals (like Snow White style)
  7. Photography (capturing and editing)
  8. Sports (especially soccer)
  9. Music (Listening for the overall sound, not just the lyrics)
  10. Trying new things


  1. Insects
  2. Mondays
  3. Customer Service (on both sides of the desk)
  4. Overseas Customer Service
  5. Others parking… driving… as a matter of fact can people just stop being mobile and get out of my way…
  6. The love/hate relationship I have with every smartphone ever…
  7. Expecting advice from me, then expecting me to sympathize when you ignored it.
  8. People who break rules and are surprised they met the consequences
  9. Titty money (titties are not pockets… #cashierproblems)
  10. When everything feel like it is an emergency (when it’s kind of not my problem)


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