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31 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3

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Ugh, today has been more mentally exhausting then anything else. So much web work… But the weekend is in sight! Here is day 3 of the 31 Day Writing Challenge.

Your day, in great detail…

I, uh, do not even want to write this one lol. Well, after the nap that I will one day exchange for a good night’s sleep. I wake up to my Sleep as Android alarm. My mind is already kind of racing about the day but I try to relax for a moment so I can focus on the steps to get my day going. My phone usually has a nice little stack of info ready for me with news, weather, e-mails, agenda, Timehop, etc. While getting dressed and packing up for my long day. Unfortunately, I’ve become spoiled in that after I leave my powerhouse computer at home, I loathe having to use the other computers of the world… A bad habit, trying to cram as many tasks in while I got the good technology. So usually by the time I get to work (which is usually one of 3 jobs), I probably have seen all the e-mails from my 5 accounts and checked the task lists in project management software. Get my daily dose of caffeine or juice. And I kind of work on things from there, as many random tasks spring up in the middle of things. I tend to switch mental gears pretty often between Computer Graphics and IT work. Most days I go from one thing to the next. So by the end of the day I usually eat, nap, play a few games, and phone calls… Then I start it all over the next day…

I’m definitely working on fixing this!


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