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31 Day Writing Challenge – March

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One of my most important goals for this year is to get back in touch with me. I feel as if I have been so busy and occupied mentally by things that arise in my life, that I have a hard time gauging what type of person I am now. Life is different for me now, my perspective has broadened immensely, and I struggle for motivation to move towards my goals. I decided each month I would try something to mix it up a bit.

This month I am going to attempt a small writing challenge. Everyday I am giving myself a chance just mentally focus on me. Stirring thoughts of: what about today was for me? Did I account for myself? This exercise is just a personal icebreaker for that period.

This is the prompt I will be using:

Writing prompt

Not too tough, but like I said it is just the ice breaker. Not meant to be a huge reflection piece.

This post will mark Day 1 (this post will appear a bit late because I did not get to send it before work)

Write some basic things about yourself.

My name is Wardell. For some people that is too difficult or obscure so I welcome many nicknames. I have quite a lot of interests and hobbies. I have such an extreme curiosity about things. I am tech support no matter where I ago…Patient when I am not upholding someone else’s deadline. I am a researcher and I am observant to small details. Besides that I am average height, average weight, average shoe size, and if I find something my size at a store that usually indicates it was too expensive or ugly to be sold out… So yeah… Me… Hai ^_^ (and marginally awkward..)


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