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31 Day Writing Challenge – March

One of my most important goals for this year is to get back in touch with me. I feel as if I have been so busy and occupied mentally by things that arise in my life, that I have a hard time gauging what type of person I am now. Life is different for me now, my perspective has broadened immensely, and I struggle for motivation to move towards my goals. I decided each month I would try something to mix it up a bit.

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International Coffee Day

Coffee TimeToday is International Coffee Day! I’m actually starting to feel a little sick, at which point I usually switch to tea until I feel better. This keeps me from being too dehydrated. But I could not miss out on my coffee on Coffee Day. So I went and got a free Pumpkin Dark Roast coffee from Dunkin Donuts. It was so necessary, I probably would have not made it through work without it.Read more

A Short Story About Privilege…

This comic by Toby Morris, has a very valuable and powerful message regarding privilege. It depicts what it is like to grow up with financial security versus in a low-income household. The comic shows opposites sides of the spectrum; the upper middle class and above and then the working class and below. I find myself to have grown up in a lower middle class household, which is somewhere in the middle of the two. There is truth in both sides from my perspective. Sure, there are many life choices that Paula could have made to be more well off, as Richard could have suffered tragedies that cost later in life. However, a strong factor on the mindset of being successful is being knowledgeable of and able to use necessary resources. Richard was nurtured the whole way while Paula had to learn, motivate, and figure out things herself.

You can check out the comic below and feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

Source: The Wireless

Source: The Wireless

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Source: The Wireless

Candy Wonderland Genderless Prom 2015 Photos

Now that classes have ended for a while, I have finally caught up on some of this photo editing. This set took a bit because lighting was not very favorable during this event. They will be posted to my Flickr gallery to retain quality, then to Facebook for tagging. Feel free to download your photos and use them as you like. Thank you to all who participated in this event and those who have supported LGBTSA throughout the years!

You can click the photos below to view them. If you would like a photo to be resized or retouched let me know.

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Let's try this again…

Me at work… and class… and at home…

Finally, this semester of classes is almost over. I am so physically tired of being everywhere. I can at least take a little break from coding and editing soon. I do not think I have ever been so tired of looking at Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Do not get me wrong, it has been great practice. But jeez. In my spare time (that does not really exist), I have been pulling my website back together. My original website got messed up some how on the server host side. So I have opened a new hosting account and domain name. Took a while for me to just take the time out to transport everything over. Welcome to my new page! I know it is not much yet. I’m working on it…

Welp, back to work… Later!