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End of Black History Month

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As black history month concludes, I think it is important we all remember a three things. It may have been said before, but that is fine. I think it is important to continuously enforce the importance.

  1. Just because Black History Month has ended, that does not mean that every other day in the year you cannot honor African-Americans for their triumphs in history. No matter what day it is history still happened.
  2. Do not be afraid to enlighten others on Black History. I admit I fail at some parts of Black History trivia all the time. Why? Because I only get hit with the facts during Black History Month or a class (elective) specifically about Black History.
  3. Remember that Black History is not just about the past. It is about how it strengthens us to make future triumphs. We do not remember things in history just for the purpose of knowing where we came from, but also to be empowered to actively contribute to our evolution.
I hope everyone comes out of this month feeling empowered to take chances and strive for success. Never sell yourself short, because every goal, victory, triumph, or success is meaningful and remarkable. History has given you the floor, now reach for the sky.

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